The partnership, between the Saudi Pediatric Association (SPA), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) to host the International Conference on Pediatric Emergency Medicine 2024 (ICPEM 2024) marks an advancement in enhancing emergency services for children. Being leading bodies for Pediatricians and Emergency Physicians respectively AAP and ACEPs collaborative sponsorship highlights the need to progress pediatric emergency healthcare.

ICPEM 2024 serves as a platform for cooperation and knowledge exchange among healthcare professionals, such as Pediatricians, Emergency Physicians, Family Physicians, Nurses, Researchers and other experts in the field. By uniting specialists from backgrounds and disciplines the conference cultivates an environment to sharing best practices and innovative strategies in pediatric emergency medicine.


The conference aims to accomplish three objectives;

  • Enhancing Standards of Care in Pediatric Emergencies; ICPEM 2024 focuses on improving the quality of care offered to children during emergencies. Through workshops research presentations and collaborative dialogues, the conference seeks to promote practices and facilitate their implementation across healthcare facilities.
  • Establishing a Global Platform for Knowledge Exchange; Acknowledging the diverse healthcare obstacles encountered globally ICPEM 2024 strives to function as a hub, for exchanging knowledge and experiences. By fostering discussions, between people from cultures and sharing strategies the conference aims to improve emergency healthcare for children worldwide.
  • Encouraging Innovation and Advancement; Innovation is vital in tackling the challenges of emergency medicine. ICPEM 2024 is dedicated to promoting an environment where researchers and healthcare providers can present cutting edge research exchange ideas and explore technological advancements to enhance pediatric emergency care.

By creating a space that promotes teamwork, creativity and ongoing learning ICPEM 2024 plays a role in enhancing services for children during emergencies. The conference acts as a driving force for the advancement of Pediatric Emergency Medicine ensuring that every child receives top notch care when they need it most. Through its emphasis on collaboration, quality enhancement and innovation ICPEM 2024 significantly shapes the landscape of emergency care, for children leading to outcomes and improved healthcare services globally.

Yours,Mohammed AlFaifi, MD
Chairman,  International Conference on Pediatric Emergency Medicine, 2024
Associate Professor, College of Medicine, Al Faisal University, Riyadh.Mobile: +996-505-44-2337
Twitter: @alfaifi911